Data Engineered

Branding Developed
By Data

Our International team of data professionals use a hybrid of leading edge systems and world class design to scale our incubated brands in the most competitive global e-commerce marketplaces. From inception to execution our brands are launched fully ready to dominate the market, win every major marketplace and successfully navigate the global supply chain.
How we do it

Our Categories

Toys & games

home & decor

tools & home improvement

party decorations

office & school supplies

beauty & personal care

Our Method

Data Informed Branding

We utilize the power of data to create in demand brands designed for longevity and relevance that can perform on any platform. We work with the best of the best in global graphic design and our international data team always knows not just what is trending, but what will be, anticipating aesthetics and therefore customers before they even know what they want. We’re that intuitive.

Global Marketplace Excellence

With an international team of e-commerce specialists working round the clock to optimize performance, we understand retail in a digital age and have a proven track record. Our team of 60+ data professionals know Amazon, Walmart and other key ecommerce platforms on a cellular level, so we are always positioned to win wherever we place our brand.

International Logistics Experts

Our understanding of warehousing, logistics and manufacturing is second to none, allowing us to thrive while others fail in the ever evolving effort to master the global supply chain. From inception to production, and thanks to our proprietary systems, we are able to optimize and master our products so they are second to none on the market, and always improving.